Why Pilates Joe™ Class Studios?

PJs has solved a perplexing issue. How can a trainer perform the exercise and at the same time observe the students while they are following the instruction to make sure they are performing the movements correctly. At Pilates Joe, you will be receiving personalized attention from our certified trainers. Our amazing SPRINGWALL™ is just one reason we can offer you the results you want now. The Pilates Joe Class Program will teach you techniques to maximize the benefits of each movement.

Consider the unbelievable results from Pilates Joe Class Programs:

SO FAST – that in weeks you'll begin to see your body change and feel great
SO POWERFUL – that it takes only 55 minutes 3 times a week in a fun classroom environment
SO AFFORDABLE – that you will receive a minimum of 12 monthly classes for the typical price of one individual lesson
SO EFFECTIVE – that those trouble spots will melt away and reveal the real you

Join us for a free class and see for yourself!

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